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Zip-Tech Energy Nigeria

Zip-Tech Energy Limited (ZTE) Nigeria is a Private Limited Company, focusing on Upstream and Downstream energy sector and the only Nigeria "Alternative Vehicle Fuel", LNG, CNG and LPG "production" and distribution company. We have two gas production facilities, one located at Obigbo near Port Harcourt River State the other south east of Ore in Ondo State. At Obigbo site we process associated gas with a mini LNG Tower to produce range of products and at Ore we produce CNG.
We service a number of companies to meet their needs. Our experienced and quality management are ready to service you virtually meeting every delivery on time and accurate to your order 

As driver of "Alternative Vehicles Fuel" (AFVs), as in steam engines (not common sight), gas or electrically propel vehicles are common sight in Western Europe, the Americas and Asia. Although, few in number when compare to fossil driven alternative (diesel and petrol), are increasingly becoming important game changer in many part of Asia, Western economic, with the exception of Africa, where AFV are badly needed as part of the transportation systems mix because of raw materials avaliable in abundant.
Natural gas can be use to fuel vehicles directly in pressurized form, either as Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) or as Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG). Currently, CNG is more commonly used as a vehicle fuel, in part because it is easier and less expensive to store and handle than LNG. Because energy is more densely stored in LNG, it is particularly promising for heavy-duty, long-range transportation applications

Our main business activities include production and distribution of:-
  • LNG, CNG and LPG production
  • We provide Alternativre Fuel to fleet operators, domestic and industrial users
  • Dispensing retail outlet for  LPG/L-CNG/CNG
  • Franchise new LPG/L-CNG/CNG dispensing units to established fuel retail outlet
  • Provide and integrate dispensing equipment into existing filling stations
  • Provide Mobile Domestic/Industrial gas refilling facilities

Our market focus are the major trading/market towns and cities with population greater than 500,000 we are in effect covering over fifty percent of Nigeria population because population are now urbanise and access to other towns and villages are easier from thereon.

We our the first in this sector, therefore it requires lots of work and organising

Gas is not used widely as fuel in transportation in Nigeria, but we have ignited the interest and expanded its use as fuel for cars and trucks. We are growing the gas market primarily as a result of developing abundant domestic natural gas discovery and continue shortage of refined fuel supplies.

Vehicles powered by Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) or other non-petroleum-based fuels (bio-gas), hold the potential to provide public benefits by reducing greenhouse gas emissions, offer lower fossil fuel cost, enhancing energy security, with improving life and air quality.

Partnering with ZTE can enhance your competitive advantage through adding quality products at affordable wholesale prices to your offering.

Environmetal Debate

Despite much debate over which car, petrol or diesel, is cleaner, weighing up the advantages and disadvantages is not easy. For example, diesel cars have been promoted, as they produce less CO and HC on average when compared to petrol cars, and they have greater fuel economy producing less CO2 per km. However
recent health concerns about particulate matter have given diesels a less environmentally-friendly image, as have the higher emissions of nitrogen oxides compared with petrol cars. As a comparison, petrol cars produce virtually no particulate matter, take longer to warm up, produce more carbon dioxide per mile on average, and emissions of the regulated pollutants are higher. 
Conversion Incentive

With the price of petrol and diessel at par with UK and sometime more expensive than European prices, alternative fuel is now a must for motorist and CNG/LPG car conversions are attracting interest. It is now  certainly viable, for one thing the gas vehicle power technology as come off age and it is now widely used as a commercial motor fuel for more than 60 years. 
Today most petrol and diessel driven engines can be converted to operate on CNG/LPG, but they require a certified technician to install the kit correctly and owing to its low carbon content, engine life is prolonged with fewer oil changes and longer spark plug life. 

We are the only Nigeria gas dispenser with LNG/CNG and LPG conversion interest companies, an online presence, selling at street-level and at network of our mini-retail outlets.

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