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Market Scope

Our ideal markets are demographically skew towards vehicle owners, fleet operators, the Government vehicle pool, bus operators, power generators, standby fuel for hospitals, hotels, shopping Centres, offices and business centres, housing Estates, off the grid industries and domestic use for cooking and generate electricity for private homes. Our market encompass everyone that consume fuel to power vehicle and generate electricity but interested in saving money, improving the environment while having reliable source of fuel supply available 24 x 7 for:-
  • Commuters
  • Restaurant
  • Hotels
  • Hospital (private and public)
  • Government offices
  • Public transport vehicles
  • Private transport vehicles
  • Airports
  • Private offices
  • Private homes
  • Industrial Estate

Psychographicaly, the market is concentrated in and around the major trading centres with common behaviour of their reliance on refine petrol products but all seeking new secure reliable alternative fuel supply that is lacking.

The market is ripe for new and alternative fuel base entry. The commercial centre of gravity will move in our favour as long as our service is superior to or at least at par to currently available services. We still holding on to beach-head in vehicle conversion where the rate trend northward and organised while the traditional services are in retreat.

Scope of Use

CNG/LPG fuel is mostly use for cooking in households, it is the most common provided by almost all current suppliers in urban centres of Nigeria (with a daily demand of about 100,000 tons in Lagos State alone). In other market sectors of the country the next biggest consumer of CNG/LPG are industries, with an approximate daily demand of over 205,000 tons. These indicative figures are expressed by the LPG marketing company representatives and could well vary based on specific market circumstances.

Market Potential

It is within the remit of AIMD to market all-over the major sectors and introduce the product as the major alternative to refined products.
  • Electrical Power Generation for large and small generators alike; the sector has never been explore
  • Expand gas use in the domestic and industrial cooking like restaurants
  • As replacement to power farm tractors and mechanical equipment
  • In the industry as in oxy-propane cutting, welding, shrink-wrapping, powering industrial ovens, kilns or furnaces, or powering fork-lift trucks in and outside warehouses
  • For home heating during cold season in the northern part of the country when temperature drops below 100 C
  • In agriculture use for grain and fruit drying, weeding and much more
  • Use in leisure activities on land and water; ballooning, water skiing boats, camp cooking etc
  • Use in Schools, Colleges and Universities

Market potential in the automotive industrial has never been develop. Indeed we are the first serious business to lift the vale-cover in the sector. There are also the potential for the: -
  • Home generator
  • Gas Cookers
  • Gas Refrigerators
  • Supermarket Gas Chillers
  • Gas Freezers
  • Motorbikes
  • Van
  • Buses
  • Government vehicles
  • Institution vehicles, e.g. Hospital military and other Emergencies Services
  • Farm chillers and freezing of fresh vegetables (over 60% produce are wasted before getting to the market)

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